‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ First Impressions: Is This the ‘Star Wars’ Game to Win Over Fans?

     October 21, 2019

It seems like the closer we get to the end of the year, the more Star Wars content we’re getting. From The Mandalorian to The Rise of The Skywalker to Jedi Fallen Order, the Star Wars franchise is closing out the year on a high note.

Last week, the Collider Games team had the opportunity to attend the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order hands on demonstration event in Anaheim, California. Taking place 5 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, this original story follows Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan who survived the Empire’s deadly Order 66.

Although we played the game for about 3 hours, we barely even scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. You can check out our impressions of the new game in the video above.


Image via EA, Respawn, Lucasfilm

This game is very different from previous Star Wars games like Battlefront and Battlefront 2. This is the first time Respawn (Titanfall 2, Apex Legends) has gotten the chance to put their spin on a Star Wars game. Respawn is mainly known for the 3rd person shooter games, so I was cautiously optimistic about how they would try and take on this franchise. It looks like they have another hit on their hands.

The combat in this game surpassed my initial expectations, especially when it came to using the lightsaber. The combat isn’t just hack-and-slash; you have to be strategic with your movements. For a lot of the enemy you face, you will have to time your attacks and blocks in order to win the battles. Countering or parrying leads to some great cinematic finishers that never got old. And as your skills progress in the game, so will the finishers.

Jedi Fallen Order feels like a culmination of other major AAA titles like Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, and Dark Souls. The biggest takeaway I got from this game was how accessible it is for everybody — a diehard Star Wars fan could play this and love it, but an average gamer could pick it up and still have a blast.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order hits stores November 15, 2019.

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