Kathleen Kennedy Says a Female-Directed ‘Star Wars’ Movie Is Happening “Without Question”

     February 3, 2020


The future of the Star Wars franchise is female, according to Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy. While on the red carpet at the 2020 BAFTAs on Sunday, Kennedy re-affirmed Lucasfilm’s plans to bring in a female director to helm a Star Wars feature film in the future. Sure, the decision may ruffle the feathers of staunch, old guard fans who are used to things being done a certain way in this fictional universe but hey, all bets are off now that the Skywalker saga has wrapped. It’s about time the Star Wars universe got injected with new, non-male viewpoints, don’t you think?

Kennedy seemingly thinks so if her comments during a red carpet interview with the BBC on Sunday are anything to go by. The Lucasfilm head, who was at the BAFTAs receiving the 2020 BAFTA Fellowship, opened up about the future of the Star Wars universe. When asked if a female director would be coming to a galaxy far, far away, Kennedy dutifully reminded the BBC:

“We’ve already got [women directors]. On The Mandalorian, we’ve got two or three fantastic women working with Star Wars. And we just brought in Deborah Chow who is doing the Obi-Wan series. We’re cultivating a lot of great talent.”

When pressed for answers on whether this means a female director will finally be coming on board for a Star Wars feature film, Kennedy confirmed, “Oh absolutely. Without question.”

For a franchise as old as Star Wars, it has admittedly been a breath of fresh air to have directors Chow and Howard on deck to steer The Mandalorian in the right direction. Fans have reacted especially well to Chow’s work on The Mandalorian and reviews have been especially positive for her episodes. It wouldn’t be entirely unthinkable to see Chow, in particular, make the jump from working on The Mandalorian and the currently-paused-but-still-happening Obi-Wan Kenobi series to the next, non-Skywalker saga Star Wars feature film. For the time being, we’ll have to content ourselves with the female directors working on Disney+/Star Wars original series since there are currently no known plans for the next Star Wars feature film.

You can watch The Mandalorian Season 1 and many Star Wars features films on Disney+ right now. Get even more updates about the franchise here. Watch Kennedy’s BAFTAs interview below:

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