Geek Gifts: Psuedo-Lightsaber on the Way; STAR TREK: VOYAGE Data Pad Replica

     June 10, 2010

If you’re not interested in spending your scratch on that Ultimate Matrix Collection Blu-ray that’s on sale at Amazon today, then we have two other geeky items that may be of interest to you.  First up, Wicked Lasers [via Cinematical] have crafted their very own lightsabers.  Well, to be honest, they’re more like really powerful lasers, but this means we’ve come one step closer to a real-life lightsaber.  It also means we’ve come one step closer to a slew of personal injury lawsuits after people manage to chop of their own hand.  But if you’ve got $200 bucks, then may the force and a good lawyer be with you.  WL’s website is currently down because it’s likely being flooded with buyers who want to begin their Jedi training and start losing limbs.

Hit the jump to see an an item less likely to cause bodily harm along with larger images.

It’s far less likely that you’ll maim yourself with this large replica of the PADD from Star Trek: Voyager from Roddenberry Replicas (although if you managed to do so, it would be quite impressive).  I’ve always thought that Voyager gets a bad wrap.  The sexy Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) was all well and good, but the show offered other good characters and interesting storylines.  And now you can pretend like you’re a Starfleet officer trapped in the Delta Quadrant for seven seasons.  Click here to go buy it and hit the jump to see a larger image of both items.