A Comprehensive (Canon) Guide to Marathoning ‘Star Wars’

     May 4, 2018


If you’re like me, Star Wars marathons are a must around the holidays — even more so after Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced the series to a whole new generation of fans. Which is why I thought it would be fun to create a comprehensive, canon guide to marathoning Star Wars, including the films, TV shows and beyond, ahead of the new movie. Because, let’s face it, ever since Disney rebooted the Expanded Universe and started making their own Star Wars content, jumping into the saga can seem a little daunting, especially to newcomers. So even if this is your first time marathoning Star Wars—I know you odd ducks are out there!—don’t worry. For this guide, I’ll be keeping spoilers to a minimum.

Now, let’s make the jump to lightspeed!

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