STAR WARS and NASA Wish You a “Happy Star Wars Day!” with a “May the 4th” Video … from Space!

     May 4, 2014


Today is Star Wars Day, so let us extend a heartfelt “May the 4th Be with You!”  NASA also wants to get in on the festivities and has collaborated with Star Wars to bring you an extraterrestrial transmission.  NASA flight engineer Rick Mastracchio is attempting to send a message to Star Wars fans from the International Space Station, but the Empire has other plans.  Luckily, a very recognizable little astromech droid is on hand to help out.

Hit the jump to watch the Star Wars “May the 4th” video from NASA.

Check out the NASA and Star Wars “May the 4th” video below (via

In celebration of Star Wars Day, NASA flight engineer Rick Mastracchio hopes to deliver a special message from the International Space Station. Little does he know, however, that the Empire plans to jam his transmissions. Thankfully, R2-D2 is on the case.

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