Watch the Many Changes to the Original STAR WARS Trilogy

     July 27, 2015


I feel lucky that I’ve seen the original Star Wars Original Trilogy. There’s a whole generation of fans that have never seen the movies that became a worldwide phenomenon. They’ve seen the Special Editions, which are lesser versions of the originals. They’re not unwatchable, but they’re cluttered with CGI junk and extraneous scenes, not to mention Han shooting first and thus redefining the character.

While Han not shooting first is the series’ most infamous change, there have been plenty since the movies were released, and Marcelo Zuniga [via The Playlist] has compiled a series of videos showing all of the major and minor variations between the originals and the later editions. It’s a fascinating watch because he delves deep into the differences, right down to the spacing on the opening crawl.

Check out the videos below, and continue to hope that one day Lucasfilm will release the original versions in HD.


star wars chewie peter mayhew harrison ford

Image via Lucasfilm

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