Meet the Star-Crossed Lovers of ‘Storm: A Star Wars Indie’ in the Parody’s First Trailer

     December 13, 2017


There’s very little room for romance in the Star Wars cinematic universe. And unless Rian Johnson‘s Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a rom-com in disguise, fans looking for a little bit of love in the galaxy far, far away will have to turn to other lore in the canon/Legends or fan-fiction for their fix. With that in mind, the folks over at Funny or Die have put together a new trailer for the romance-focused fan film Storm: A Star Wars Indie. The project hails from actor/writer/director Ryan Coopersmith and writer/director/producer Charles Muzard, and centers on the star-crossed romance between a human Stormtrooper named Ian and a Rodian bounty hunter named Teedo.

Also starring Josh BrownMichael McGrady, Eliza Hooper, and Udo Kier (!), the trailer for Storm: A Star Wars Indie is available to watch right now, ahead of Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s release this Friday. Who knows, if this thing gets enough traction, maybe we’ll even get the full feature-length film!

Check out the trailer for Storm: A Star Wars Indie below (via Funny or Die):

When a Stormtrooper named Ian feels his life is missing something, it takes a Rodian named Teedo to fill the missing piece of his heart. Don’t miss the latest in the new Star Wars Indie series and a film that begs the question, “Why can’t all movies be set in the Star Wars universe?”

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Image via Funny or Die

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