Limited Paper Contest #2: Win Posters from OUTER RIM: INNER CITY, the Series that Brings STAR WARS to the Hood

     August 16, 2012


Just before this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Limited Paper ran a really cool contest that put Tyler Stout’s excellent Sleeping Dogs poster into the hands of a few lucky Collider readers.  Sadly, if you weren’t at Comic-Con, that contest was one of the only chances you might’ve had to score that print.  In the time since, we’ve kept our eyes peeled for a similarly-awesome follow-up to that contest, and—even though it’s taken a while—we’ve finally lined up something that we feel lives up to that first, and it has to do with one of the coolest drops happening this week.

Wanna know when and where you can score some really cool Star Wars-themed art?  Wanna know how you can win some of that art without ever leaving the safety and security of your poster-strewn geek-cave?   Meet me after the jump, my fellow Limited Paper enthusiasts.

One thing we haven’t addressed before here at Limited Paper is the difference between a lithograph poster and a screenprinted poster:  I’ve received more than a few emails about this, and—with the pieces we’re going to be looking at today, which are neither screenprints nor lithographs—it seems like as good a time as any to briefly-and-in-no-way-definitively explain the difference (and as every poor sucker that’s ever been tricked into buying one of Tyler Stout’s Captain America lithographs on eBay for upwards of $200 can tell you:  knowing the difference is pretty important…see if you can spot the difference below).



Let’s say you go to Wal-Mart and purchase a poster that’s in one of those hanging racks, the ones that are generally filled with 24×36” tributes to NASCAR, Twilight, and Lisa Frank-esque unicorns.  These are llithographs—or “posters” as most people know them.  They are shiny, mass-produced, and intended to be thumbtacked directly to an 8 year old’s bedroom wall; there’s a reason these things are generally located near Wal-Mart’s toy aisle.  Screenprints, on the other hand, are generally printed in much smaller numbers on a much thicker sort of paper, and—thanks to the screenprinting process– no two are exactly alike.  It’s what makes them collectible, and it’s why only people nicknamed “Slappy” might use thumbtacks to hang ‘em on a wall (note:  if you have thumbtacked a Mondo poster to your wall, your new nickname is “Slappy”).

That shouldn’t be confusing.  But if you are confused, hold onto your T-backs, because the “posters” below—created on commission by an artist who goes by the name Mr.Prvrt—don’t fall under the “screenprint” or the “lithograph” umbrella.  These were created with stencils, spraypaint, and 140 lb. Archival-Quality Black Stonehenge paper, and are wholly unlike anything we’ve featured before here at Limited Paper.  Before we go on, let’s take a look at ‘em in closer detail (and check out their specs):

  • Outer Rim:  Inner City by Mr.Prvrt
  • 11×17”
  • $180 regular edition set (7 prints, includes Lando poster)
  • 6 regular edition sets available


  • Outer Rim:  Inner City by Mr.Prvrt
  • 11×17”
  • $225 variant edition set (7 prints, with Lando, metallic spraypaints)
  • 5 variant edition sets available


Tomorrow—that’s Friday, for those without calendars, timepieces, or self-awareness— both of these sets will go on sale over at ChaseTheArt at noon EST.   Given the low edition number on each of these sets it’s not likely that they’re going to last very long, so if you’re interested in picking up a full set…plan accordingly.

Now.  Let’s say you dig what Mr.Prvrt’s done here…but you don’t have the scratch to pick up an entire set:  what are you supposed to do?  Well, there’s good news:  ChaseTheArt’s making 20 single copies of each print available (each is $30);  the only one that won’t be made available is that badass Lando print (which you’ll only be able to get if you buy one of the complete sets).  Decisions, decisions, right?


Well, here’s where it gets interesting:  after finding out about these sets, I dropped Chris O’Brian (one of the gentleman responsible for this series) a line and asked if he’d be interested in having Outer Rim:  Inner City featured here at Limited Paper.  Not only was he interested, but he was also more than happy to toss down a few of his posters for a brand-new contest!  That’s right:  even if there’s no room in your budget for a $30 poster this month, there’s still a chance that you could land one (or two)!  Wanna know how it works?  Here’s the rules:


Starting today (August 16th) and extending through next Wednesday (August 22nd), we’re throwing open the doors for our second-ever Limited Paper Contest, which we’re calling The Star Wars VS. Gangsters Mashup.  Starting now, you have about a week to create your own mashup, one that combines your favorite Star Wars character(s) with your favorite gangsters (any from TV or film).

Now, your mashup/artwork doesn’t have to be “good”.  It doesn’t have to be “professional”.   It doesn’t even have to be considered “aesthetically pleasing”:  as long as it’s a piece of original artwork (drawn, sculpted, spraypainted, carved—whatever) that includes recognizable Star Wars and gangster TV/film elements, it’s fair game.  A fingerpainting of Jar-Jar Binks getting his head crushed in a vice by Joe Pesci?  Perfect.  Ben Kenobi having drinks in the Bada-Bing with Paulie Walnuts?  Exactly what we’re looking for.  Here’s a few more examples I whipped up specifically for the purposes of this contest:



I know, I know.  Let’s not dwell.  I was rushing.

Once you’ve completed your mashup, you’ll email a jpeg of the final product to, at which time I’ll forward along the entries to the two guest judges (who just so happen to be the guys behind Outer Rim: Inner City), artists Chris O’Brian and Mr.Prvrt.  Now, don’t assume that the person who creates the most elaborate or professional-looking piece of art is automatically going to win:  the judges are far more interested in originality than quality, so don’t let those underdeveloped art skills stop you from entering!  Here’s what our two favorite entries stand to win:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  2 posters of your choice from Mr.Prvrt’s Outer Rim:  Inner City series

RUNNER-UP WINNER:  1 poster of your choice from Mr.Prvrt’s Outer Rim:  Inner City series

What’s more is, these prizes will be AP editions, which means that you’re playing to win posters that will be numbered separately from the main editions.  That’s a pretty cool reward for something that—theoretically—could take you less than five minutes to produce.  Once the winners have been contacted, we’ll run a follow-up article containing our other favorite entries, as well as the two that took the top spots.

So, what’re you waiting for, folks?  While you’re waiting on Outer Rim: Inner City to go on sale tomorrow (remember:  it’ll be dropping at noon, EST, over at this page) start working on your own Star Wars VS. Gangster mashups, and send them in to Limited Paper by August 22nd:  on August 23rd, we’ll announce the winners, and shortly thereafter ChaseTheArt will be shipping out three very special posters to the winners of our contest!  Good luck, folks, and don’t be afraid to get weird, creepy, and/or absurd with your entries!


And stay tuned for more from Limited Paper in the days ahead:  the following weeks are going to be jam-packed with interviews, contests, poster reveals, and more, so bookmark those pages and follow @LimitedPaper for up-to-the-minute updates whenever something worth knowing happens in the world of limited edition screenprints!  As always, if you’re a gallery owner, artist, or just someone who’s got a hot tip to share about an upcoming poster, you can contact Limited Paper via email at  Everyone else?  Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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