‘Star Wars’ Rebels Recap Show: Hera and Cham’s Clash of Ideologies

     February 17, 2016


On this episode of Collider Star Wars: Rebels Recap Show, hosts Kristian Harloff and David Griffin discuss what they enjoyed most about episode 14, titled “Homecoming.” They discuss all things Star Wars: Rebels, and recap episode 14 of Star Wars: Rebels season 2. Where will the show go? What fate do our heroes have?

This week’s outing focuses on Hera and her troubled relationship with her father Cham Syndulla. They have very different outlooks on what a “proper” rebellion should look like.


Image via Disney XD

Our panelists agree that the highlight of this week’s episode stems from the differing ideologies that these two warriors share. Cham is more of a freedom fighter who only thinks about his people and their home planet of Ryloth. For Cham, a mission against the Empire isn’t a success unless something goes boom. For fans of The Clone Wars, or Scott Kemp’s exciting book Lords of the Sith, you’ll have a better understanding of how this legendary Star Wars figure gets the job done.

Hera possesses the same strengths as her father, but she is always looking at the bigger picture. If there is a wealth of technology and equipment that can be used to help the rebellion’s cause, then why not take it for yourself? If she were to take her father’s advice, then all they would have is useless burning scraps of metal. Hera is fighting a war, while Cham is engaging in small skirmishes to bring some much-deserved retribution for his people.

star-wars-rebels-season-2-posterIf there is a weakness from “Homecoming,” it would have to be how quickly Hera and Cham patch things up. Their issues with each other appear to come from years of conflict, so it’s a little too convenient that they fix everything so easily. Both David and Kristian acknowledge that Rebels 30-minute run time doesn’t leave a lot of room for the story to unfold the way we would like it to.

Looking ahead, the Rebels Recap team hopes that all the crazy-wonderful things we saw in the midseason trailer are just around the corner. We’re almost to the finish line in this second season, so let us know what you thought about this week’s family reunion.

Star Wars Rebels is a weekly show taking place a few years before the time of Episode IV and the lead up to the Rebel Alliance. The show follows the crew of Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine as they battle their way across the galaxy against the Evil Empire.

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