‘Star Wars Rebels’ Video Recap Show: Meet the Mandalorians

     January 28, 2016


On this episode of Collider Star Wars: Rebels Recap Show, hosts John David Griffin discuss what they enjoyed most about Episode 11, titled “The Protector of Concord Dawn.”

  • This week’s outing is all about the Mandalorians and how they really dislike outsiders. Both of our panelists agree that the episode opens in a spectacular fashion as we see firsthand how talented these ancient warriors are. Hera usually appears invincible when she’s in the cockpit, but a new nemesis named Fenn Rau was up for the challenge. On the brink of death, Hera barely makes it back to the fleet where she is attended to by the rest of the Ghost crew. Still determined to finish the mission, Kanan leaves his companions behind to finish what Hera started back in the Concord Dawn system.

  • The episode takes a turn you wouldn’t initially expect when we discover that Kanan wants to make allies with the Mandalorians, instead of just seeking revenge. Sabine hitches a ride with Kanan for a little payback, but eventually comes around to his way of thinking. After capturing the fearsome Fenn Rau, the Mandalorian Protector states that they are friends out of mere necessity.
  • Looking ahead, the Rebels Recap team speculates that Fenn Rau will eventually turn into a powerful ally for the Rebels. What do you think?
  • Find out more about what we thought of this latest outing of Rebels in our recap show. Star Wars Rebels is a weekly show taking place a few years before the time of Episode IV and the lead up to the Rebel Alliance. The show follows the crew of Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine as they battle their way across the galaxy against the Evil Empire.

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