‘Star Wars Rebels’ Midseason Premiere Clip Puts Ezra in Charge of a Rescue Mission

     February 14, 2018


Some spoilers ahead for folks who aren’t caught up on Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels

Ahead of the highly anticipated return of Star Wars Rebels next week, a new clip has made its way online for your viewing pleasure. The clip in question comes from “Jedi Night”, the first half hour of the back-to-back, two-episode midseason premiere. In this particular scene, the relationship between Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) and his Jedi mentor Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.) takes an important step forward as they prepare to rescue their captured leader, Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall). You’ll have to watch to see how that all plays out, but executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni offered plenty of commentary on the scene and the ending of the series overall.

Star Wars Rebels returns for its final episodes on Monday, February 19th at 9pm on Disney XD. The new seven-episode run will conclude with a three-episode, 90-minute series finale on Monday, March 5th.

Check out the new clip from Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels below (via ABC), and read on for Filoni’s commentary:

Here’s what Filoni had to say about this particular scene:

“This is a big decision moment. Kanan is smart enough to know that his emotions around her could actually cloud his judgment and what he would choose to do. It is a nice transference moment,” Filoni said. “There’s always this thing where you have a student, and they’re becoming more and more adept than the master.


What a nod from Kanan to say, ‘I trust you with this’,” said Filoni. “This is really important to him, this idea that Hera is in peril. You would think that there’s no way that Kanan wouldn’t take up the responsibility of leading this mission.”

And while the series may be coming to an end, Filoni is doing his best to make sure that no spoilers get out ahead of time:

“There’s only a small group of people that actually know the entire ending of the series. I have all their names written down in my office. I know exactly who knows what. It’s my best attempt to keep all of this from getting out.”


Image via Disney XD, Lucasfilm

But as Star Wars Rebels, its fans and creative team prepare for the series’ end, there’s much more Star Wars ahead. In addition to the announced movies, new TV series are also on the way. Will Filoni be involved with them in some way?

“Everything needs its time and place to come to life and exist. I’m very busy on things right now, and excited about what we’re working on. There won’t be a lack of ‘Star Wars’ in the future, that’s for sure.”