‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4: 14 Things to Know About the Crew’s Final Mission

     April 16, 2017


Well, it’s official. During this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration, the creator of Star Wars Rebels Dave Filoni confirmed that Season 4 of the series would in fact be the last one. It makes a lot of sense – the timeline of the show means it’s not long now before Rebels bumps against established timelines in the existing Star Wars canon, and it’s encouraging that Filoni has clearly mapped out a definitive end for the Ghost crew. It’s been a good run, and if what we saw at the panel this weekend is any indication, the final season looks like it might just be the best yet.

But the cancellation news wasn’t the only new info that hit during the exciting Star Wars Rebels panel – in fact, Filoni and the Rebels cast revealed lots of new info over the course of the panel and the following press conference. Here’s everything we learned during the exciting Star Wars Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration.

  • To fans’ utter delight, Filoni finally confirmed that Hera will indeed be promoted to “General Hera” before Season 4 is over.


    Image via Disney XD

  • Filoni refused to comment on the return of Vader in Season 4, but did offer the tidbit that Thrawn is back and more confident than ever. “He’s operating from a position of victory… total control.”
  • Taylor Gray was wary of divulging too much, but says that “a lot of decisions are made for Ezra” in the coming season.
  • We can certainly expect an Ahsoka development in the coming season – a prediction I’ll make not based on anything Filoni said (he’s admittedly not a fan of giving fans much advance information) but a strange switcheroo he made during the panel. The creator arrived on stage in his requisite graphic tee bearing the message “Ahsoka Lives?”, but by the end of the panel that question mark had been transformed into an exclamation point. When asked about the punctuation switch, however, Filoni was coy. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • Originally, Kanan was going to provide the voiceover for the Season 4 trailer. But on further reflection, Filoni decided that it should in fact be Hera, since her arc is “so transformative.”


    Image via Disney XD

  • Vanessa Marshall says that Hera’s “focus is much more sharp [this season]… things come to a pinpoint. She’s more focused and committed than ever to get the job done.”
  • Katee Sackhoff will be making her return to the show as the great Bo-Katan.
  • Chopper will remain the much-needed comedic relief to leaven Rebels’ more intense moments, but Filoni says even the grumpy droid will have an expanded role in the final season. Things ahead will prove that “he has a bigger heart thank you realize.”
  • Mandelore fans have lots to look forward to in Season 4, as the location takes on a special significance and a heavy presence on the final season. (The first two episodes are entitled “Heroes of Mandalore Pt. 1 and 2.)


    Image via Disney XD

  • Just in case you thought you knew where the story was headed, Filoni warned: “Where we end up – and who might show up – might surprise you.”
  • Filoni says the season will be packed with exciting guest stars, including the confirmation of Warwick Davis’ casting as Rukh, Thrawn’s assassin and bodyguard.
  • Mon Mothma is also back this time, and Filoni warns she’s going to get a “little fiery” this time around.
  • Saw Gerrera will return for the show’s final season, along with Edrio Two Tubes – and you can bet they brought the U-wing.
  • And while the show is over, Filoni was clear that his work with LucasFilm animated series would absolutely continue, though we’re still left to speculate as to what that might specifically entail.

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