‘Star Wars Rebels’ Series Finale Review: The Last Temptation of Ezra Bridger

     March 6, 2018


Spoilers ahead, obviously, if you haven’t watched the series finale of Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels.

It’s been a long road for the Ghost Crew. They’ve made enemies, lost allies, changed haircuts and costumes more often than I can count, and have gone from a ragtag band of rebels to the liberating heroes of an entire planet. They’ve acquired iconic weapons and legendary skills, developing strong personal relationships along the way, all while honoring and deepening the mythology that makes Star Wars such a rich and beloved franchise. In fact, the co-creation from Dave FiloniSimon Kinberg, and Carrie Beck has arguably done more to pay homage to the franchise’s mythology, history, and spirit than any of the recent live-action movies.

Like the Ghost Crew themselves, the fans of Star Wars Rebels are a scrappy bunch of folks comprised of people from all ages, races, backgrounds, and outlooks on life. They’re also a very dedicated bunch, especially those who have been on this journey with the Spectres from Day 1 back in 2014. They’ve seen Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, C1-10P a.k.a. “Chopper”, Garazeb Orrelios, and Sabine Wren survive against all odds in their attempt to liberate the planet Lothal from empirical rule. And now, with the final episodes of Star Wars Rebels in the books, those fans have been rewarded with a thorough–and thoroughly exciting–concluding chapter of the rebels’ story.

The last three installments–“A Fool’s Hope” and “Family Reunion and Farewell” Parts 1 and 2–tied up just about every major plot point and character question fans have had for a little while now. Season 4 did a phenomenal job at bulking up the Star Wars mythology by folding in the mysterious Jedi Temple, The Ones of Mortis, time travel, the Emperor’s machinations, and all manner of incredible creatures like Loth-Wolves and Purrgill. All of these elements are part and parcel to what makes Star Wars Rebels so great, but it’s the fate of the Spectres that ultimately drives the fandom’s obsession with the show. And it’s this aspect that the series finale absolutely nailed.