Wear This: STAR WARS “Droid Drive-In” Shirt and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “So Say We Can Do It” Shirt

     January 10, 2011


This morning, there are two geek-friendly shirts available for purchase that you might want to buy.  First up, RIPT Apparel has “Droid Drive-In”.  Designed by Matt Wrightson, the shirt encourages you to fire up your landspeeder and head over to Beggar’s Canyon for a good time at the moving pictures/holograms.

Also for sale is the very cool “So Say We Can Do It” shirt from TeeFury.  Combining the remake of Battlestar Galactica with the famous World War II propaganda image of “We Can Do It“, this shirt designed by “Bregan1989” would also make an awesome poster.  Hit the jump to check out both shirts, which are available to buy today only.

“Droid Drive-In” costs $10 plus shipping.  Head over to RIPT Apparel to buy it.


“So Say We Can Do It” costs $9 plus shipping.  Head over to TeeFury to buy it.