Watch Steve Talk About STAR WARS Spinoff Movies, DIE HARD 6, SPIDER-MAN, the STAR TREK Sequel and More

     February 7, 2013


Earlier today I was on AMC Movie Talk hosted by John Campea.   We talked about our thoughts on the Star Wars spinoff movies, whether we think J.J. Abrams will direct the Portal or Half-Life movies, the Star Trek sequel, Die Hard 6, Godzilla, if Venom be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, found footage movies, whether Marvel might buy back Spider-Man from Sony, and a lot more.  So if you’d like to see what I had to say on any of those subjects, watch it after the jump.

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Feb 7th 2013) we discuss:

1) Han Solo and Boba Fett movies on the way
2) JJ Abrams looking at brining PORTAL and HALF-LIFE to the big screen
4) DIE HARD 6 on the way
5) GODZILLA Breaking Bad stye
6) Could Venom be introduced in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?
7) Bowie/Iggy Pop biopic in the works
8) Value of “found footage” movies
9) Could Marvel buy back Spider-Man from Sony?
10) Is Disney losing “originality” from buy other studios?



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