‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Gameplay Trailer Teases “The Definitive Star Wars Pilot Experience”

     June 19, 2020

EA has released the full Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming title. This game is rather different from Star Wars: Battlefront and is very much a high-flying game set against the backdrop of space in the Star Wars universe. Your journey begins in a single-player story as two combat pilots flying for both the Empire and the New Republic. You switch back and forth, getting the ability to use different kinds of weapons and fly different kinds of ships (although I do wonder, do you get to then decide who wins in the end?).

There are also two multiplayer modes. There’s Dogfights, which is an all-out 5v5 battle, and Fleet Battles which is the game’s signature mode in which you take part in battles that are multi-stage conflicts and necessitate working together as a team.

There are also different classes of ships to fly. The Fighter is flexible and versatile; the Interceptor is fast and highly maneuverable; Support keeps allies safe and stocked up; and Bombers are heavy hitters that deal devastating damage. And yes, you can customize your pilot and star fighters. As an added bonus, the entire game is playable in VR!

As someone who doesn’t do a ton of gaming but sticks to playing like 2-3 games a year (I adore Overwatch), I am very into what I’m seeing here—even if it feels like a cross between gameplay footage and demo footage. What do you think? Is this a blind buy or will you wait to see how others like it?

Check out the trailer below, and for more of Collider’s video games coverage click here.

Star Wars: Squadrons arrives on current consoles October 2, 2020. You can pre-order here for PC / Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

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