The Pros and Cons of Buying This Classic ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Sit-Down Arcade Cabinet

     April 28, 2020


The item in question, which you could buy if you so wish: An Arcade1Up Star Wars trilogy arcade cabinet, rendering all three classic games with an actual bench seat and the special fighter pilot-navigating controller, just like when you could play it in arcades. Cost: $500, or $47/month. And now, an objective, measured look at whether you should buy this or not.


Pro:It’s very obviously dope as hell.

Con:You need to spend your money on necessities like food and furniture.

Pro: This Star Wars trilogy arcade cabinet is absolutely essential, given how dope as hell it is.

Con: Okay, fine, it is “dope as hell,” but there’s no way it’s actually like the original. Nostalgia is clouding your memory.

Pro: Arcade1Up has a sterling reputation for impeccable restorations of arcade games, delivering those nostalgic thrills while often offering multiple games in the same cabinet and other modern upgrades that, dare I say, improve upon any nostalgic memory you’ve concocted vis-a-vis the original Star Wars trilogy.

Con: …

Pro: You okay?

Con: Yeah, just gimmie a sec! I, uh, well, the seat is probably uncomfortable, and the controller is probably —

Pro: The seat, a first to this particular restoration of these games (Arcade1Up’s previous version is stand up), is outfitted with lovely faux leather, and the controller is a perfect restoration of the four-button joystick. You will feel like you are destroying TIE Fighters in a damn X-Wing, and it will feel dope as hell.

Con: …can I buy two?

Thus concludes our objective analysis. If you wish to draw your own conclusions, the place to buy such a thing is here. Below, the official Arcade1Up spiel of this dope as hell product. And for more video game goodies, check out these upcoming release dates.


Image via Arcade1Up

Assume the role of Luke Skywalker™ and live out the fantasy of piloting your own X-wing fighter with the Arcade1Up Limited Edition Seated Star Wars At-Home Arcade Machine. The cabinet features artwork from the original arcade machine, and the matching bench is upholstered with luxurious black faux leather. Dodge and destroy the TIE Fighters with the real feel 4 button/ trigger-style flight yoke, to fire from the four leading edges of the X-Wings weapons array. Can you survive all three attack-phases and destroy the Death Star? The Star Wars Arcade1Up At-Home Arcade Machine when assembled measures to be 45” tall and comes with a light-up marquee, full color 17” display, pull-out sit-down bench, dual speakers and blue LED backlighting behind the cabinet. These features combined with the real-feel flight yoke and control buttons allow for endless hours of comfortable seated gaming! The Star Wars machine is easy to assemble and comes with a clear deck protector.

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