Starbuck Gets Her Shield

     September 12, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Katee Sackhoff is the latest “Battlestar Galactica” alum to land another TV gig. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the woman we know as ‘Starbuck’ is set to play “an offbeat female LAPD detective” in an NBC-based pilot produced by Dick Wolf.

Saddled with the lackluster title “Lost and Found,” the series was developed over a year ago by Wolf’s fellow “Law & Order” producer Chris Levinson. It centers on the exploits of that “offbeat” officer who, after butting heads with the higher up’s, is sent to the LAPD basement to work on John and Jane Doe cases. It’s like “Cold Case” meets “The Closer.” A pickup for the show was cast-contingent as of last month – now that Sackhoff has been secured it seems that those contingencies have been satisfied and development will proceed.

It’s always hard for me to adjust when an actor I have come to love on one series moves on to another. In the case of Katee Sackhoff, however, seeing her on “Lost and Found” doesn’t seem like it will take much accommodating. Her new character sounds just like Kara “Starbuck Thrace, minus all the fracking toaster issues, of course.

And even if “Lost and Found” doesn’t sound especially groundbreaking, it could be worse. Sackhoff could have ended up like fellow BSG star Grace Park – the horror of watching her suck it up on A&E’s “The Cleaner” is something that I have yet to overcome.

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