STARGATE Reboot Finds Writers

     February 3, 2015


Filmmaker Roland Emmerich is keeping mighty busy.  He most recently wrapped shooting the small-scale gay rights drama Stonewall and is currently prepping to begin production on Independence Day 2 this year, but he’s also preparing a reboot of one of his own films: Stargate.  The Stargate reboot was first announced last spring, when we learned that Emmerich will be directing a redo of his own 1994 sci-fi film in the hopes of launching a new trilogy.  Now, as Emmerich turns his focus to the Independence Day franchise, he’s setting a couple of writers to work on Stargate in the interim.

stargate-james-spaderTHR reports that Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are in final talks to pen the screenplay for the Stargate reboot.  Though Wright and Woods don’t have any produced credits to their name, the two are familiar to Emmerich as they came to his attention for penning an action thriller that his Centropolis Entertainment banner acquired.  Subsequently, the 2012 filmmaker set Wright and Woods to do some work on Independence Day 2, and now that the sci-fi sequel is heading into pre-production, Emmerich is putting the duo to work on his next next film.

Details are still unclear about Emmerich’s plans for the Stargate reboot, but the original starred Kurt Russell and James Spader and revolved around a group of scientists and military personnel who discovered a portal device that sent them to another world.  It’s certainly rare for a director to reboot his own movie, but Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin must have some big plans in mind given that they’re envisioning a new trilogy of films.

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