STARGATE UNIVERSE: 2 Exclusive Stills, Kino 24 (Wait For It) and a Clip from Tomorrow Night’s Episode

     April 22, 2010

Stargate Universe image SGU slice.jpg

The good folks at MGM have given us a few exclusive Stargate Universe items to post.  Included in the bunch are two images and Kino 24 entitled “Wait For It.”  They’ve also given us a clip from tomorrow night’s episode, but that isn’t an exclusive.

If you haven’t seen a Kino clip, it’s basically extra content featuring some of the SGU cast.  Some of them are short moments on the ship, and others run a bit longer.  The one we’ve got is about 3 and a half minutes and it features Dr. Brody attempting to take revenge on Sgt. Riley by playing a prank on him.

Hit the jump to check everything out.

Stargate Universe airs on Syfy Friday’s @ 9/8c.  Here’s the Kino, followed by the images and the clip from tomorrow night’s episode.

Stargate Universe – “Human” Sneak Peek Clip

Airing: Tomorrow, Friday April 23rd @ 9/8c.

Synopsis: Doctor Rush’s link with the Destiny could save the crew…or destroy his mind

Stargate Universe cast posters.jpg