A Behind the Scenes Tour of STARGATE UNIVERSE with Producer Brad Wright; Plus the New Destiny Bridge Set Revealed!

     September 29, 2010

If you’re a fan of Stargate Universe and wish you could walk around the Vancouver soundstages where they film the show, you’re going to love the video I edited together.  That’s because last month when I visited the set, executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright gave all a behind the scenes tour of the various soundstages to the visiting journalists.  He showed us the gate room, Eli’s room, all the hallways and rooms of the Destiny ship, the medical quarters, and the highlight: we got to see the brand new Bridge set that was built for season two!  Even though the bridge hasn’t been revealed on the show, you can see it right now after the jump.

And while getting to see the various soundstages was cool, I think the best part was getting to do the tour with Brad Wright.  That’s because as one of the creators of the show, Wright knows the secrets of every set and he revealed everything as we walked around.  I promise you…if you’re a fan of SGU, you will get to see a side of the Destiny ship that you have never seen on TV:

Since there are many soundstages and sets, the video is pretty long. I thought about editing it down but then decided against it.  If I was a fan, I’d want to see everything.  But if you’re just here to see the new Bridge set (which is really cool), that part of the tour starts at 13:30.  I’ve also included a bunch of high res photos I took while on the tour.

Finally, if you missed the on set interviews I’ve been posting with the cast, here’s some links: David Blue and Elyse Levesque, Robert Carlyle, Justin Louis and Brian J. Smith, and producer Brad Wright.