Sony’s State of Play Set for This Thursday … With No New PS5 News Expected

     August 3, 2020


The good news is that a new State of Play is on the way this week from Sony. The surprising news is that the gaming company aims to focus on upcoming PS4 and PS VR titles rather than offer up anything new on the highly anticipated PS5. Bold strategy; let’s see how it plays out.

As their official blog states, the newly returned State of Play will arrive this Thursday, August 6 at 1:00pm Pacific Time / 4:00pm Eastern Time / 9:00pm BST, and will be available to stream live on both Twitch and YouTube. But the event seems to be more of a catch-up than a showcase of The New. The 40-minute-plus presentation will spotlight third-party publishers with titles coming to the PS4 and PS VR, presumably later this year before the console starts to wind down its life cycle. But while the hardware the games will be running on might not be the newest and the shiniest, Sony’s State of Play does promise new gameplay footage and other updates from the Devs in question.


Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

However, there will be some updates on third-party and indie titles bound for the PS5, but they will be check-ins with the same games that were announced back in June. These could include titles from the PlayStation Indies initiative, plus games we’ve already seen trailers for; stay tuned. But if you’re expecting an update from PlayStation Studios — or news on the PS5 hardware, business dealings, pre-order options or release dates — don’t; Sony’s not going to divulge any of that information:

On Thursday, our focus is squarely on showcasing some cool upcoming games coming to the broader PlayStation ecosystem. Should be fun!

We’ll obviously be tuning in just to make sure they don’t try anything sneaky (and to stay up to date on all things PlayStation, of course), so be sure to check in here after Thursday’s event!


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