Watch: Stephen Amell Runs the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course for Red Nose Day

     May 28, 2017


A lot of odd and surprisingly entertaining things happen around Red Nose Day, which refers to a celebrity-packed campaign, fronted largely by NBC, to raise funds to help get kids out of poverty. This year, the release that has been given the most attention is the Love Actually reunion that has been trumpeted for something like a year at this point, which features Hugh Grant, Andrew Lincoln, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, and much of the rest of the cast. Even for people who are not particularly fond of the movie – hello! – it’s a good-natured one-off for an exceedingly great cause.


Image via NBC

Of course, the Love Actually reunion wasn’t the only thing going on during May that pushed forward the fight to end childhood poverty. Julia Roberts got in on the action, as did the cast of This is Us and Paul Rudd, who visited and dis some work for children at the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Maine. These are all what you would call good works but the most purely exciting element of the Red Nose festivities arrived earlier this week when Stephen Amell, he of The CW’s Arrow series and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, took on the American Ninja Warrior course with legions of fans cheering him on.

Though not one of the most tense runs in the history of the show – some of these can literally make you sit on the edge of your couch – Amell did a great job handling the different obstacles and looked to be genuinely thoughtful about how to get through each part. The flywheels seemed to be where the crowd really got hyped up, but all the obstacles here would make someone without the physical abilities of Mr. Amell – hello again! – scream for help more than likely. Nevertheless, his ANW run, which you can watch in full below, proves that much of the physical work that he does on Arrow is just him and his athleticism. If such things don’t exactly help his acting abilities, they certainly make him a joy to watch when it comes to fights on Arrow or, in this case, handling stunts with the aplomb and gusto of Tom Cruise.

Here’s the video of Amell running the course: