Watch: Stephen Colbert Addresses the World During Post-Apocalyptic Scenario

     July 9, 2015


As Jon Stewart’s end date on The Daily Show approaches, so does Stephen Colbert’s start date as the new host of Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The latter has been making solid use of YouTube over the last few months to showcase some comedy bits that he and his team of writers have put together. Most recently, Colbert took over a public access show in Michigan and interviewed Eminem, and today a new video has appeared that features the quickest turnaround time yet as Colbert addresses yesterday’s odd events during which United Airlines, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Wall Street Journal all went down.

Colbert’s comedy, again, is on point, and one has to imagine this was a chance for the comedian and his team to work on a timely news bit and get it up and going in a very short amount of time, in preparation for his full Late Show duties.

Check out the video below. Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres on September 8th.


Image via CBS