Watch: Stephen Colbert Takes Over Michigan Public Access Show; Interviews Eminem

     July 1, 2015


While Stephen Colbert’s tenure as the new Late Show host doesn’t officially begin until September, he’s started testing the waters with a few online-only videos in recent weeks. The first came on June 3rd, when Colbert shared a video in which he finally shaved off “The Colbeard,” and subsequent videos have seen him testing out material that he and his writers have been working on. But the latest video is the most ambitious yet, as Colbert flew to Michigan and took over a public access show called Only in Monroe. He didn’t just pop in and tell some jokes—he hosted the entire, 40-minute show, complete with segments and interviews. And for the cherry on top, Colbert brought on Eminem (yes the real Eminem) and interviewed him live.

This is pretty great, and it also serves as a way of somewhat teasing what Colbert’s Late Show will look like. We really had no idea given that Colbert was playing a character throughout the entirety of The Colbert Report’s run, but these Late Show videos highlight a similar oddball sense of humor mixed with the smarts that makes Colbert such an engaging comic. I know he wasn’t David Letterman‘s top pick to take over his desk, but that combination of wit and weird was one of the things that made him so interesting, so Colbert is feeling more like an appropriate successor with each new video.

You can watch the full public access episode below, with the Eminem interview starting around the 21:00 mark. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres on CBS on September 8th.


Image via CBS