Watch Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell Be BFFs on Television For Awhile

     October 25, 2019


Are you feeling stressed? Tired? Ready for the weekend? Of course you are, you’re a person alive in 2019. Thankfully, we’ve got just the late-night comedy talk show clip to soothe your troubled mind. Ostensibly there to promote his upcoming Apple TV+ drama The Morning ShowSteve Carell appeared as a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. But in their interview, they didn’t mention the streaming show once. No, instead, Carell and Stephen Colbert… just kinda shot the shit. They’re old friends, you know — as they figured out on-air, they’ve known each other longer than their wives. And it is a perfectly lovely time watching these two naturally funny, warm, genuine friends reconnect for 15ish minutes.

For comedy fans, there is much catnip to be found amidst the amiably freewheeling interview. Carell and Colbert have performed comedy together for many decades, and the two share behind-the-laughter stories from their early rat-infested Second City days onward (watching Colbert commit to the idea of loving watching a rat get murdered feels like a textbook improv move). The duo briefly reenacts their fake-vomiting skills honed on the perfect Dana Carvey Show sketch “Waiters Who Are Nauseated By Food”, with Carell advising that if you can “taste it,” your eyes will start to water, leading to a more authentic performance. Their commitment to this sketch is part of what got the two hired on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Watching Carell tell Colbert that he gave him his career is authentically heartwarming. Watching Colbert tap his nose and ask for some of Carell’s money is authentically hilarious. These guys are just friends and it’s just nice!


Image via Apple

The two then segue seamlessly into a long, mildly gross story about a drunken Daily Show bit gone awry, and if you’ve ever wanted to see a sober Colbert punch a blackout drunk Carell in the chest, by God, watch this clip already. Also worth noting: Carell describes a bit that he and his wife Nancy Carell (Angie Tribeca) do with each other that is utterly specific, utterly ridiculous, and just the most charming thing I’ve ever, ever heard. If the Carells are looking to adopt a pop culture writer in his late twenties as a new son, they know where to find me (they probably do not know where to find me).

Check out the full-on lovefest between Colbert and Carell below. For more late night friendships, check out the most recent time Paul Rudd pulled a prank on Conan O’Brien.