SYRIANA Scribe Stephen Gaghan Has Finished a Polish of M. Night Shyamalan’s ONE THOUSAND A.E.

     November 10, 2011


Despite the fact that his past few scripted projects were undeniably terrible (like really, truly terrible), writer-director M. Night Shyamalan is still making movies. His latest is a sci-fi pic called One Thousand A.E. starring none other than Will Smith and his karate-kicking son Jaden. The film centers on a father-son duo who crash-land on Earth one thousand years after humans have abandoned the planet. With his father seriously injured, the young boy must set out to find help on the now strange and harsh planet. The project was initially scripted by Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli), but since Shyamalan is so good at making movies he decided to take a crack at the script himself to tailor it to his own interest (ie. terribleness).

However, Variety now reports that Academy Award-winning screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (Traffic) has completed a polish of Shyamalan’s draft. The Syriana writer-director was tasked with getting the script into shooting shape, and may continue to work with Shyamalan to fine-tune his draft up until production begins. While I still have little faith in the project, Gaghan’s a fine writer and his input certainly can’t hurt. The scribe recently set up two new films, a cartel drama and an adaptation of Snakehead. Production on One Thousand A.E. begins in February, with a February 24th, 2012 release date.

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