Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ TV Series Gets Pilot Order at Spike

     February 25, 2016


Not long after CBS’ announcement that they’d be canceling Under the Dome after its third season, Dimension Television made headlines with the news that they were developing another of master horror author Stephen King’s stories: The Mist. It looks like that TV series is now one step closer to being a reality since Spike has just ordered a pilot episode for the atmospheric, creature-filled story. And it comes with King’s blessing.

Written and executive produced by Christian Torpe (Rita), The Mist will use both the novella and the 2007 film to tell an original story about the title phenomenon. The seemingly harmless mist that pervades a small town after a fierce storm actually masks horrors within its gloom and terrifies the townspeople into having to face their own personal demons … and each other. It’s a classic King tale that, like many of his best works, introduces a supernatural force that gives mere mortals every excuse they need to revert to their primitive instincts. I just hope that it proves to be more coherent than Under the Dome’s inexplicable bumbling. The Mist marks the network’s first pilot order since returning to scripted programming, though they will continue to explore both script-to-series and pilot programming for future shows.

Watch the trailer for the 2007 Frank Darabont-directed movie below:

After a violent storm attacks a town in Maine, an approaching cloud of mist appears the next morning. As the mist quickly envelops the area, a group of people get trapped in a local grocery store -among them, artist David Drayton and his five-year-old son. The people soon discover that within the mist lives numerous species of horrific, unworldly creatures that entered through an inter-dimensional rift, which may or may not have been caused by a nearby military base. As the world around them manifests into a literal hell-on-earth, the horrified citizens try desperately to survive this apocalyptic disaster.