Exclusive: Stephen Lang on Playing Khalar Singh in CONAN

     June 29, 2010

Stephen Lang interview Khalar Zym CONAN slice

At last week’s Saturn Awards, I was able to interview Stephen Lang backstage after he won Best Supporting Actor for playing Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron’s Avatar.  While it was great to talk to him about what the last year has been like, I’ll admit I also wanted to know about the project he literally just wrapped shooting in Bulgaria: Conan.  If you didn’t know, director Marcus Nispel has been hard at work on the remake of Conan starring Jason Momoa as the title character and Lang plays another villain by the name of Khalar Singh.  Here’s a lot more info on his character.

Anyway, during the interview Lang talks about what making Conan was like, the stunts, the make-up, his character, what it was like to fight Jason Momoa, and he says the movie starts with an action sequence and goes for two hours with a break “here and there.”  Hit the jump to watch what he had to say:

Stephen Lang

  • He talks about what he won for
  • What has the last year been like for him
  • :45 – Has he heard about Avatar coming back out with deleted scenes put back in
  • 1:05 – Is he still anonymous
  • 1:30 – Conan talk.  He talks about making the movie, all the stunts, the makeup and his character
  • 2:05 – Did he watch the previous Conan movies
  • 2:45 – How did Jason Momoa do as Conan
  • 3:10 – He says the movie starts with an action sequence and goes for two hours with a break “here and there”
  • 3:20 – Are they going to Comic-Con with Conan
  • 3:35 – What else does he have coming up.  Talks about White Irish Drinkers and Christina


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