Stephen Lang May Be CONAN’S Villain, Khalar Singh

     March 3, 2010


Stephen Lang had a fantastic 2009.  He did great supporting work in Public Enemies, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and most notably, his performance as the badass villain of Avatar, Colonel Quaritch.  Now, Latino Review is reporting that he’s been offered to play another badass villain for Marcus Nispel’s Conan.  If Lang signs on, he’ll play Khalar Singh, whose casting breakdown appeared online last October:

Khalar Singh is in his 40s to 50s, Asian or Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Mongol, Turkish, or Persian, open to all ethnicities; commanding in size and manner, a warlord and formidable warrior, brilliant, cruel, weathered and tanned by the many campaigns he has waged and won. He is driven in his quest to find the Queen of Acheron and has been building an empire to do so.

Reading that description, it’s no wonder that they want Lang as he could probably do that role in his sleep, which isn’t a problem because anyone who can be a badass while sleeping is amazing.

Hit the jump for a more in-depth look at Singh and his role in the story.

stephen_lang_01.jpgThis is how the story works from Singh’s perspective:

His goal is to find the Queen whose blood will bring life to the demonic minions of Acheron while making himself king of this hellish power. With this power, Khalar will protect his legacy against the onslaught of master sorcerer, Thoth-Amon so that his weak son, Fariq may rule after his death. While riding into a Cimmerian village to recruit his old comrade, Corin, his large collection of mercenaries slaughters them to the last soul when Corin refuses to join them. The village’s only survivor was young Conan. When Khalar’s search has finally narrowed to the likely discovery of the queen at a monastery of female monks, he also learns Conan is older and hungry for revenge…

I think there’s a universal theme at work here: we all try to protect our legacy from master sorcerers.

As we previously reported, Jason Momoa will play the title character and Mickey Rourke is in talks to play Corin.

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