Watch: Steve Carell Surprises Jenna Fischer on ‘Busy Tonight’

     February 27, 2019

The Office reunion is here! Kinda. Okay not really, but this is fun. The Office star Jenna Fischer was the guest on Busy Phillips’ talk show Busy Tonight on E! last night, and since it was Fischer’s birthday, Phillips decided to offer up a giant surprise. The bit began with Philips having Fischer open boxes and having to guess which Office co-star sent which package, which is fun enough. But the final box had Steve Carell inside.

Fischer was shocked to say the least, then she and Carell sat with Phillips for an all-too-brief interview in which they kind of addressed that big Office reunion that fans are clamoring for. Carell has been adamant that he’s not really down for reviving Michael Scott, but other cast members of The Office are far more open to the idea. It’s possible it happens, just without Carell—which honestly would probably be best. Moreover, Carell is already reteaming with The Office showrunner Greg Daniels for the upcoming Netflix comedy series Space Force.

I think it’s a testament both to the kind of person Carell is and the genuine bond that was formed among the Office cast that he showed up on Busy Tonight literally just to surprise his friend. He had nothing to promote, had no big appearance later on in the show. As he says in the video below, “anything for Jenna Fischer.” It’s sweet!

Since Busy Tonight launched last October, Phillips has carved out her own unique niche in the late night sphere. As opposed to Jimmy Fallon’s more game-centric show and Seth Meyers’ focus on politics, Phillips’ show is more of a hangout with guests, and indeed it came about due to the popularity of Phillips’ Instagram stories. As you can see in the clips below, there’s a real laid-back vibe to the whole proceedings, and I think Phillips and her team have done a great job of building out Busy Tonight as unique and worthwhile entry to the late night genre thus far.

Check out Carell’s big surprise below, followed by their brief interview.