Heroes: Remembering Comic Book Legend Steve Ditko

     July 9, 2018

On this 260th episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Amy Dallen, Claire Lim, and Jay Washington discuss the following:

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp opened this weekend to the tune of $76 million. The panel gives their thoughts on the movie and its box office take.
  • The co-creator of Dr. Strange and Spider-Man, Steve Ditko passed away at 90 years old.
  • In an interview with Collider, Margot Robbie stated that she pitched Birds of Prey as an “R-rated girl gang film”.
  • James Mangold states on social media that fan backlash to directors and producers working on franchise pictures will lead to these films being made by “hacks”.
  • Batman on Film reports that Matt ReevesThe Batman is entering pre-production. Will we find out who is playing Batman soon?
  • In an interview with ComicBook.com, Peyton Reed stated that he’d love to see Fantastic Four in the MCU. The panel speculates if he is the right director for that project.
  • DC announces that Titans will debut this fall on their DC Universe streaming service.
  • Mark Wahlberg posted a picture of himself in an office with headshots of the DCEU actors in the background. Does this mean that he will be in the Green Lantern Corps movie?
  • Deadline is reporting that Jeremy Renner has been cast to play Twitch Williams in Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn reboot starring Jamie Foxx.
  • Batman #50 was released and the panel offers their thoughts on the issue.

Clay Enos/ & © DC Comics Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

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