David Fincher Will Only Direct Steve Jobs Biopic if Christian Bale Stars

     March 20, 2014


A few weeks ago, we reported that David Fincher was considering reteaming with Aaron Sorkin to direct the screenwriter’s untitled Steve Jobs biopic.  The screenplay has an interesting hook in that it’s only three, 30-minute scenes.  Each scene is based at turning point in Jobs’ career: the Mac, NeXT, and the iPod.  Fincher and Sorkin were a terrific pairing for The Social Network, and presumably they’d be a good fit for another story about an influential, aloof titan of technology.  So what’s the issue?  It turns out Fincher has one hefty condition for taking the job.

He only wants Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs.  Hit the jump for more.

David-Fincher-steve-jobs-christian-baleAccording to The Wrap, “Fincher recently met with Sony’s Amy Pascal to discuss the possibility of directing the film, and told her, in no uncertain terms, that he’d only take the reins of the project if Bale plays Jobs.”

Bale would probably be a great choice for the role, and he has a good relationship with Sony following American Hustle, which netted him his second Oscar nomination.  However, the actor is reportedly taking a break to spend time with his family after finishing up his work on Ridley Scott‘s biblical epic Exodus (he plays Moses).

If Bale does sign on, then production could begin as early as late this year, although an early 2015 start is more likely since Fincher will be doing publicity for Gone Girl, which opens in October.

Personally, I hope Bale takes the gig, not only because I think he could do a good job, but because I really want to see Fincher and Sorkin team up again for this Jobs story.  The version starring Ashton Kutcher felt like a rushed attempt whereas this would be the real thing, especially since it’s based off Jobs’ official biography, which was written by Walter Isaacson and used “more than 40 interviews that author had with Jobs, as well as interviews with friends, family and colleagues.”


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