Sony Drops Steve Jobs Biopic Scripted by Aaron Sorkin; Universal Likely to Acquire Project

     November 19, 2014


Aaron Sorkin‘s Steve Jobs biopic script has attracted a lot of attention from the likes of David Fincher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Seth Rogen, Jessica Chastain, and most recently Michael Fassbender.  Yet even with Oscar winner Danny Boyle on board to direct, Sony apparently had too much trouble trying to get the project off the ground. In a surprising development, Sony has ceased development put the project into turnaround.

Sony briefly shopped the project around and immediately found a buyer in Universal.  More after the jump.

steve-jobs-biopicDeadline hears Universal is on track to close a deal to acquire the Steve Jobs biopic by tomorrow at the latest.  [Update: THR confirms Universal picked up the film.]  So fear not, the project will likely live to see another day and hopefully secure a cast in the near future.  If the end result is Boyle directing Fassbender, Rogen, and Chastain with a Sorkin script, I predict we will gloss over this development turmoil by the time of release.

Sorkin’s script is comprised of just three scenes with a snapshot of Jobs at three major product launches: the Mac (1984), NeXT (1988), and the iPod (2001).  Sorkin recently revealed the important role of Jobs’ daughter in the story: “It’s the relationships he had—particularly with his daughter, Lisa—that drew me to it… I was very grateful that [Lisa] was willing to spend time with me.  She is the heroine of the movie.”

Scott Rudin, Christian Colson, Mark Gordon, and Guymon Casady are producing.

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