Seth Rogen Eyed to Play Steve Wozniak Opposite Christian Bale’s Steve Jobs; Jessica Chastain Sought for Role

     October 30, 2014


With Christian Bale now firmed up to play Steve Jobs in director Danny Boyle’s (Slumdog Millionaire) biopic for Sony, the rest of the cast is starting to come together.  Aaron Sorkin’s script for the film is not your traditional biopic, and instead is comprised of three long scenes that revolve around three major product launches: the Mac in 1984, the NeXT in 1996, and the iPod in 2001.  While Bale’s Jobs will no doubt be the central focus of the film, it appears that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also figures into some of these scenes, as word comes that none other than Seth Rogen may take on the role of Wozniak in the film.  More after the jump.

seth-rogen-steve-jobs-moviePer The Wrap, Seth Rogen is being eyed to play Steve Wozniak in Boyle’s Steve Jobs movie, though Variety goes one further and says Rogen is set in the role.  Wozniak was a key figure in the creation of Apple, working alongside Jobs to develop, create, and launch their groundbreaking technology.  Rogen is certainly an interesting choice for the role, and seeing as how his friend Jonah Hill has been taking on more challenging dramatic parts in films like Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, one imagines Rogen might be up for the task of playing Wozniak in the film.  He’s certainly proved to be more than capable with dramatic material in movies like 50/50 and Take This Waltz, and it’d be kind of great to hear Aaron Sorkin dialogue in Rogen’s signature voice.

Rogen is plenty busy at the moment having wrapped an untitled X-Mas film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and director Jonathan Levine, and he’s currently in production on the animated feature Sausage Party as well as readying his next directorial effort, The Interview, for release in December.  Moreover, he and partner Evan Goldberg are working on the pilot script for an adaptation of the comic Preacher to air on AMC.

In addition to Rogen, The Wrap notes that Jessica Chastain is being sought for a role in the Steve Jobs movie, though there are no further details given.  The Wrap’s report adds that Rogen and Chastain are not the only actors in the mix for these parts, though Variety says Rogen’s already set as Wozniak so we’ll se how everything turns out.  An interesting development to be sure, though, and certainly more prestigious casting than the Ashton Kutcher-led biopic Jobs that was rushed into production following the innovator’s death.


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