12 YEARS A SLAVE Director Steve McQueen Sets Up “Provocative” Drama Project at HBO

     October 29, 2013


Director Steve McQueen is poised to have a very busy next few months with his latest film, the excellent 12 Years a Slave, garnering serious awards season buzz.  However, before McQueen moves onto his next film, it appears that he may be delving into the world of pay cable television.  Deadline reports that McQueen has set up a new drama project at HBO that is described as Six Degrees of Separation meets Shame, with an eye towards moving forward in the very near future.  The “provocative” untitled drama will carry McQueen’s signature style and explore “a young African-American man’s experience entering New York high society, with a past that may not be what it seems.“

McQueen wrote the project with State of Play and World War Z co-writer Matthew Michael Carnahan and intends to direct, with Russell Simmons onboard as producer.  It’s unclear if this project is being planned a series, miniseries, or TV movie, but casting is already being explored as it is being fast tracked for a potential shoot before the filmmaker dives into his next feature.