Steve Watches TOY STORY 3 at ShoWest – Video Blog Review Here

     March 16, 2010


Earlier today I was able to see the world premiere of Toy Story 3 at ShoWest in Las Vegas.  If you don’t know what ShoWest is, it’s the place where the movie studios and the theater owners and operators from around the world come together to discuss the industry and show off future products.  It’s also where the studios occasionally show big upcoming movies…like Pixar premiering Toy Story 3 today.

While we were asked by director Lee Unkrich not to reveal the plot of the movie beyond what’s in the trailer, he said we could tweet and post our reaction to the movie.  And that’s what Peter from Slashfilm and I decided to do as we recorded what we thought as a video blog.  So if you’d like to know what I thought of Pixar’s next movie…hit the jump.

toy_story_3_movie_image_02.jpgSince many of you might not have the time to watch the video, Toy Story 3 is a great movie and one that continues Pixar’s streak of brilliance. Also, the last 20 or 30 minutes of the film is incredible, and I’ll admit to wiping away tears.  If you love the first two Toy Story movies, the third is a great addition to the series and something you shoudl be excited to see this June.

Another thing to know about today’s screening was the movie wasn’t done.  The last third of the film was nowhere near complete and the screening wasn’t in 3D.  And it still rocked.  What I’m trying to say is…the film can only get better.

Finally, before today’s screening John Lasseter introduced the newest Pixar short Day and Night.  While the short was clouded in mystery before today’s screening, I can now tell you it pushes the boundaries of what Pixar continually does and it mixes animation and 3D CGI animation.  I’ll now let the video blog do the talking…

Again, Toy Story 3 will continue Pixar’s streak of box office gold.  Here’s what Peter and I had to say about it.


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