Video of Every Bone Steven Seagal Has Ever Broken

     March 22, 2011


If you’re in a Steven Seagal movie, it would be wise to keep your bones away from Mr. Seagal because he has a tendency to break them.  Every action hero has their signature and Seagal’s is the destruction of his enemies’ bones.  A new mash-up from Oliver Noble has collected every single bone-break from every Seagal movie and it even starts out with a fun quiz: how many bad guy bones has Seagal broken over the course of his film career? There’s no prize for guessing correctly, but if there was, I assume it would be Seagal coming to your house, breaking your arms, and then rummaging through your fridge.

Hit the jump to check out four minutes of Seagal bending folks in ways they shouldn’t be bent.

Via FilmDrunk:



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