Steven Soderbergh’s LIBERACE Biopic is Moving Forward With Matt Damon and Michael Douglas

     September 16, 2009

Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and Liberace.jpg

I really love how busy Steven Soderbergh keeps himself.  The prolific director has directed 13 films so far this decade and always has a couple of projects lined up next.  One of those many projects that he has been talking about recently has been a biography of Liberace with Michael Douglas playing Liberace and Matt Damon playing his longtime lover, Scott Thorsen.  Even though we already kind of knew that this was one of the upcoming projects for Soderbergh, he has now confirmed that the project is definitely moving forward by saying that they are already doing some wardrobe and costume tests for Douglas.  You can get some more details when you click on the jump.

liberace_image.jpgPeople tells us that Soderbergh recently told a French newspaper while at the Deauville Film Festival that “We’ve already done some costume and wardrobe tests on Michael, and they’re very, very, very good”. He goes on to say that “I swear to you, Michael amazed me. He crushed it.” Soderbergh also says that Matt Damon has agreed to portray longtime lover/assistant Scott Thorsen, whose 1982 palimony suit for $110 million publicly outed Liberace.  The director says that “Matt accepted the challenge.”

People also reminds us who Liberace was by telling us that “Born Wladziu Valentino, the flamboyant, piano-playing Liberace, nicknamed “Mr. Showmanship” and “Glitter Man,” was a staple of early 1950s television, and was an institution in Las Vegas until his death from AIDS in 1987. At his height, he made more money than Elvis and The Beatles.”

The film is written by Richard Lagravense (“Bridges of Madison County”) and it’s being said that the budget will allow the filmmakers to re-stage segments of Liberace’s spectacular stage act, which often involved elaborate stunts such as flying or driving to his piano bench in a Rolls-Royce.  It still seems that the action film, “Knockout”, will be next for the director, but I’m going to assume that he will then start filming this still untitled Liberace biopic next.

I don’t know if I’m too interested in seeing a Liberace biopic, but I am interested in seeing a Liberace biopic directed by Steven Soderbergh, if you know what I mean.  The casting of Matt Damon and Michael Douglas also definitely raises my interests in the project.  I also never knew that Liberace made more money than The Beatles and Elvis and that kind of blows my mind.

As always, we’ll keep you updated.

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