Listen to a 30-Minute Discussion Between Steven Spielberg and Patty Jenkins on ‘The Post’

     January 4, 2018


Steven Spielberg did a podcast! Kinda. One of the greatest filmmakers who’s ever lived took part in a Q&A about his new film The Post at the DGA, and as part of the DGA’s official podcast “The Director’s Cut”, the conversation was recorded and put online for all to enjoy. What makes it all the more entertaining is the fact that the conversation is moderated by none other than Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, who leads a pointed but free-flowing conversation about The Post, how Spielberg works, and how this movie came together so quickly.

Spielberg also makes a point to express how much he loved Wonder Woman, and the conversation touches on that superhero film more than you might expect, as Spielberg goes out of his way to praise what Jenkins did with the film while she reveals how Spielberg influenced some of her approach.

With regards to The Post, Spielberg’s wildly entertaining drama about the publishing of the Pentagon Papers in the Washington Post, the legendary director reveals how the project came to him and why he wanted to make it so quickly. But Jenkins being a director herself, the conversation gets delightfully technical as she asks Spielberg about how he sets up a shot given that his framing and blocking is kind of unparalleled—the dude can craft.

It’s an all-too-brief conversation with a true living legend, moderated by a talented filmmaker who hit the zeitgeist in a big way this year. So what are you waiting for? Listen to the full discussion below.

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