Steven Spielberg Shopping Script about Jackie Kennedy; HBO in the Lead

     March 17, 2010


We have all seen a number of films made about President John F. Kennedy and his assassination, but as big of a figure as he was, he managed to have an equal in his late wife, Jackie. Now, the LA Times is reporting that Steven Spielberg is shopping around a script entitled Jackie that will combine the two, although fashion and superstardom are likely to be left out. Noah Oppenheim, who holds many titles including head of development at Reveille, journalist, author, and a former producer for the Today Show, wrote the script that follows Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ perspective in the days following her husband’s assassination. Although Spielberg is just on board as a producer at this point, he is attracting a familiar buyer.

According to the article, HBO is at the head of the line to purchase the script and they would likely turn it into a film for the network. Spielberg has a long history with HBO, and recently launched the WWII series The Pacific, serving as an executive producer.

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