Steven Spielberg to Produce TV Adaptation of Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME

     November 19, 2009


Stephen King’s latest, Under the Dome, only came out last week but there are already plans to adapt the novel for TV. Stephen King TV adaptations are rarely anything to get excited about these days since most end up being disappointments, but when Steven Spielberg is the man behind the project everything changes.  The powerhouse duo are now working with DreamWorks TV in setting up an event series based on the recent bestseller, which will most likely be on cable.  You can get all of the details after the jump.


Under the Dome’s story revolves around the drama that unfolds after an invisible force-field suddenly descends on a small vacation town in Maine.  If the plot sounds familiar to you already, it’s because you already saw this situation in The Simpsons Movie.  Having said that, I feel safe in assuming that King’s take on the “dome appears over a city suddenly” genre is very different.

It is surprising and great news though that we will finally see these two great minds collaborate on something.  However, Variety tells us that King and Spielberg have actually worked together in the past.  It turns out that Spielberg and King tried to bring The Talisman to life for 20 years before the project finally died due to budget issues.  Hopefully, we won’t see the same thing happen again now to Under the Dome.

As of right now, writers are being met with as the project begins its earliest stages of production.  The plan is to then shop around the project to different buyers.  Spielberg seems to have a friendly relationship with Showtime since he currently produces United States of Tara and is also currently developing a scripted series that will chronicle the development of an original Broadway musical for the cable network as well.  It’s because of these reasons that I hope we will see this “series event” on Showtime in a few years.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as we hear it.