Exclusive: Sing Along with ‘Steven Universe’ in Anticipation of the Season 2 DVD & Soundtrack

     April 10, 2019


If your day could use a little music and magic, then this should be just the thing for you! We have an exclusive sing-along video from Cartoon Network’s upcoming release of the first-ever karaoke album for the hit animated series Steven Universe. The lyric video is one of 11 karaoke tracks that will arrive this Friday, April 12th, in addition to the release of the second volume of the show’s hit music. Following the Billboard chart-topping success of Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1, Volume 2 will include fan-favorite tracks such as “Let’s Only Think About Love,” “Familiar,” “Escapism” and many more.

Additionally, the sophomore season of Rebecca Sugar‘s award-winning series arrives on DVD on April 16th. Featuring all 22 episodes, the release also includes exclusive animatics from select episodes like “The Answer,” “Sword to the Sword,” “We Need To Talk” and “Love Letters,” among others. (Plus, an exclusive Garnet fusion keychain is enclosed in every DVD disc package.) Season Two takes Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems on new adventures that explore love, friendship, Yellow Diamond’s plan for Earth, Peridot’s change of heart and more!

Look, listen, and sing along with “For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love)” in the new lyric video below:

Fans! Sing Along with “For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love)”, a track from the first-ever Steven Universe: Karaoke, available Friday, April 12 for digital download and streaming on all major platforms.


The album features instrumental versions of 11 of the most loved songs of the series! The Steven Universe: Volume 2 soundtrack will be available same day and features songs such as “For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love),” “Change Your Mind,” and “Sadie Killer and the Suspects.” And get the Steven Universe: Season 2 DVD on Tuesday, April 16!

steven-universe-season-2-dvd-box-setAlbum 1 – Regular Music – Soundtrack: Volume 2

  • 1 The Working Dead
  • 2 Sadie Killer and the Suspects
  • 3 G-G-G-Ghost
  • 4 That Distant Shore
  • 5 Ruby Rider
  • 6 Let’s Only Think About Love
  • 7 Familiar
  • 8 Escapism
  • 9 Let Me Ska My Van Into Your Heart
  • 10 We Are The Crystal Gems (Change Your Mind Version)
  • 11 Change Your Mind
  • 12 Love Like You (Reprise)

Album 2 Karaoke versions of songs from Vol. 1-2:

  • 1 We Are The Crystal Gems: Main Title (Instrumental Version)
  • 2 Do It For Her (Instrumental Version)
  • 3 Stronger Than You (Instrumental Version)
  • 4 We Are The Crystal Gems: Full Theme (Instrumental Version)
  • 5 It’s Over Isn’t It (Instrumental Version)
  • 6 Here Comes A Thought (Instrumental Version)
  • 7 Love Like You: End Credits (Instrumental Version)
  • 8 That Distant Shore (Instrumental Version)
  • 9 Familiar (Instrumental Version)
  • 10 Escapism (Instrumental Version)
  • 11 We Are The Crystal Gems: Change Your Mind Version (Instrumental Version)