Steve’s Quick Thoughts on GREEN LANTERN Casting – Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper

     July 10, 2009


Has this ever happened? Has a studio told everyone who they were thinking about casting on the front page of Variety or The Hollywood Reporter and then opened it up to public debate? Cause that’s what they did for “Green Lantern”, and it’s kind of shocking. According to the Reporter, the holding deal on all three actors expired Monday, which means they have to pick someone quick. Also, the article says the studio, producer Donald De Line, and director Martin Campbell each had a different choice.

So this is where you come in. Since they couldn’t reach a consensus, they’ve opened it up to the fans and online community. Which is crazy. They’ve pretty much raised their hands and said we give up. We can’t decide. Whatever the fans think is how we’re going to go. So if you have an opinion on the three actors up for the role, I’d leave a comment. You know the studio is spending the weekend reading every site so make your voice heard. Of the three, I’d take Ryan or Bradley. I just wish there was a 4th actor as neither seems like the perfect pick. That’s probably why they can’t decide…

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