Fox Searchlight, Carey Mulligan, and Jodie Foster Fancy Wentworth Miller Scripts STOKER and UNDER CHARLIE

     July 20, 2010

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There is a certain air of skepticism that surrounds an actor who fancies himself a writer.  But Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has found a way around that, in theory.  When he wrote the family drama Stoker and the prequel Under Charlie, he reportedly slapped the pseudonym “Ted Foulke” on the title page.  Last we checked, Stoker seemed to be housed exclusively at Fox Searchlight, with Carey Mulligan and Jodie Foster attached to star.  The latest report suggests Fox Searchlight is merely “in talks to acquire both scripts” at this stage, and they aren’t the only studio.  More after the jump:

carey_mulligan_imageThe original 24 Frames report on Stoker seemed to be unaware if Fox Searchlight hadn’t fully acquired the rights to develop the script, and made no mention of a creature by the name of Ted Foulke.  An update from Deadline indicates that multiple studios are circling the pair of scripts, both of which are officially credited to Foulke.  To add to the confusion, ICM is on record as the agency that represents both Foulke and Miller, and won’t confirm they’re one in the same.

Both reports have the same basic take on the outline of Stoker: it’s “the story of an eccentric teen whose enigmatic and estranged uncle who returns to the family after the death of the girl’s father.”  According to Deadline, the prequel Under Charlie shares none of the same characters, but “explores another chapter in the history of an unusual family that has a knack for burying secrets, as well as bodies.”

All in all, sounds like an interesting project.  I wish Foulke/Miller the best of luck in finalizing whatever stage he’s at in the dealmaking process.

The next credit attributed strictly to Mr. Miller is Resident Evil: Afterlife, which hits theaters September 10, 2010.

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