January 13, 2008

Paramount has a new R rated comedy arriving on February 1st and it’s called “Strange Wilderness.” The premise is that animal enthusiast (Steve Zahn) and his sidekick (Allen Covert) host an ailing wildlife TV show that’s called “Strange Wilderness.” The show is in a steep ratings declineso they hatch a scheme to find the one animal that could truly turn the show around and change the nature show landscape forever – Bigfoot.

While I’d normally dismiss the comedy solely on the premise, after looking over the impressive cast…I’m hoping it’s better than I think. If you don’t know, the movie stars Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Jonah Hill, Kevin Heffernan, Ashley Scott, Peter Dante, Harry Hamlin, Robert Patrick, Joe Don Baker, Justin Long, Jeff Garlin and Ernest Borgnine!

The film also marks the directorial debut of former “Saturday Night Live” writer Fred Wolf (“Joe Dirt,” “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star”) with a screenplay by Wolf and Peter Gaulke.

Anyway, I’ve just been provided with a number of new images and they’re all below. Most can be clicked on for a high resolution version.

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