‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: What Did You Think?

     October 31, 2017


Spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished Season 2 of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Hopefully you’ve recovered from your binge session of Stranger Things Season 2, and possibly even the aftershow Beyond Stranger Things. It was certainly an intense run of episodes that expanded the mythology beyond Hawkins, IN and the Upside Down, introduced new characters to the show, and deepened the relationships among existing characters. New powers, creatures, and complications arose this season and a powerful threat nearly wiped Hawkins off the map. I’m of the opinion that Season 2 did a fantastic job of staying true to what made its first hit season so great while also taking the title in interesting directions. It didn’t 100% work for me, though I’ll reserve final judgment until after the entire series has run its course, but I’m sure you have your own opinion.

If you have binged and recovered, we want to know your thoughts! Did Season 2 live up to your expectations or not? What surprised you, shocked you, and brought you to tears? We want to get an idea of how Stranger Things has changed in your mind, how it has improved, or if you think it hasn’t. We want to know where you think the show is going, what you think the future of the kids, teens, and adults will be, and what you want to see in upcoming seasons. So feel free to let it all go below in the comments section! Reactions, feelings, reviews, theories; anything goes!

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