‘Stranger Things’ Creators on Learning from Blockbusters, Season 2’s Directors, & the Endgame

     July 26, 2017

Stranger Things is officially a bona fide phenomenon, but it’s interesting to remember that before it hit Netflix, there was nary a peep about the show. This was a true “buzzworthy” series that caught on like wildfire with subscribers and has had a hold on the zeitgeist ever since. When Season 2 drops this October, the anticipation surrounding its release will be very different.

Last weekend at SDCC 2017, Collider’s own Steve Weintraub sat down for an exclusive interview with Stranger Things creators and executive producers Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, and Shawn Levy. During the course of the conversation they talked about whether there was any debate over putting Sean Astin in Season 2 given his 80s movies past, how this season’s production schedule was even more grueling than the first season, who directed each of this season’s episodes, and where they are in the post-production process. They also teased what’s ahead, going into detail about their plans for the show’s endgame and revealing that they want to stick with the series throughout its entire run.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things and want to know how this show is made, this is a must-watch interview. Check it out in the video above, and click here to catch up on all of our SDCC coverage. Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix on October 27th.

Here’s a list of the topics of the discussion.

  • Are there any deleted scenes from Season 1?
  • Explain why there aren’t many deleted scenes.
  • Was there debate about putting Sean Astin in Season 2?
  • Did they try to write all the scripts before they started shooting Season 2? Reveal this season is a lot more complex.
  • Who directed which episodes?
  • Where are they in the post-production schedule?
  • Are there friends and family screenings?
  • Talk about the bigger scope of Season 2 and how they had it in mind before Season 1 even came out.
  • How long will the show run? Do they have an endgame?
  • How many people contacted them for cameos after Season 1?
  • What do they want to tease people about Season 2?