Meryl Streep, James Gandolfini, and Philip Seymour Hoffman May Star in Mike Nichols’ GREAT HOPE SPRINGS

     September 23, 2010


Meryl Streep, James Gandolfini, and Philip Seymour Hoffman may be signing on to Mike Nichols’ Great Hope Springs.  Streep and Gandolfini would play a married couple who undergo intense couples therapy to see if they want to continue their 30-year-marriage.  Hoffman would play the therapist.  According to Vulture, no deals have been signed, but all parties are highly interested, and recently even did a table read.  Jeff Bridges was set to play the husband this past June, but the deal never came together.

Steep is currently attached to the mother-daughter comedy Mommy & Me with Tina Fey as well as a Margaret Thatcher biopic.  Gandolfini recently signed on to the indie Violet & Daisy starring Saoirse Ronan and Carey Mulligan.  Hoffman is set to costar in George Clooney’s Farragut North and Paul Thomas Anderson’s tentatively-titled, postponed-indefinitely religious drama The Master.

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