Producer Jason Blum Explains Why Joe Carnahan’s STRETCH Lost Its Release Date and When We Might See the Movie

     April 3, 2014


I was incredibly bummed when Joe Carnahan‘s Stretch was pulled from the calendar.  I’m a huge fan of the director (The Grey was my favorite film of 2012), and Stretch has a catchy premise: Patrick Wilson plays a chauffeur who picks up a difficult and devious billionaire, played in a cameo by Chris Pine.  As the night goes on, their interaction leads to increasingly dangerous encounters.  Jessica Alba, Brooklyn DeckerEd Helms, and Ray Liotta also appear in the film.  The movie was supposed to have a wide release, but Universal concluded it would be unwise to spend $20 million to $40 million to distribute the movie, so they dropped it.

Yesterday, we spoke with producer Jason Blum for his new film, Oculus, and he also provided an update on the status of Stretch, and when we might finally see the film.  Hit the jump for more.

stretch-cast-joe-carnahan-patrick-wilson-chris-pine-ed-helmsCollider: It was so disappointing that Stretch got pulled from its release date.  Will we get to see Stretch this year?

JASON BLUM:  What happened with it was that all of the movies that we make, we don’t announce and date them wide until they’re finished.  We got ahead of ourselves with Stretch and dated the movie.  The movie is no different than a lot of the movies that we’ve done that haven’t gone wide, like Catherine Hardwicke’s movie Plush, Barry Levinson’s movie The Bay, Rob Zombie’s movie The Lords of Salem.  It fits not genre wise, but model wise.  It’s gonna come out, but it’s just not gonna be on 3,000 screens.  It’s gonna be on 300 screens.  It’s gonna be a limited release, not a wide release.  So, you guys will get to see the movie, and I will bet you a nickel that, when you see the movie, you’ll be like, “Oh, my god, this is really cool!”  It was our mistake.  The movie is more quirky and independent-feeling than Joe [Carnahan] or I anticipated it would be, so it belongs with that kind of distribution, as opposed to wide distribution.

Could it end up at the Toronto Film Festival?

BLUM: I think there’s a chance of that, yeah.  I think so. 

For more on Stretch, here’s our previous coverage and here’s Chris Pine telling us the opening scene might end his career.  Hopefully we will get to see some footage soon.  Finally, here’s what Blum told us about the Jem and the Holograms movie, which starts shooting in three weeks.

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